It all started with a simple idea.


Our Mission


At Zep Solar, our mission is to advance the proliferation of solar energy through cleverly designed products that optimize the efficiency of resources such as time, money, materials, space, and energy while providing our customers with quality products and services. We're here to make the jobs of solar installers easier, safer, and more profitable - and, in so doing, to provide a major reduction in the cost of solar. Our company is also deeply committed to the well being of our employees, our communities, and the world. We believe that a world powered by the sun is achievable in our lifetime, and we're committed to making it happen.


In the late 1990's, photovoltaic systems engineer Jack West, inspired with the possibilities for improving PV installation systems, began experimenting with new methods and hardware to decrease materials, labor, and costs while increasing function, acceptance, and aesthetics. After co-founding High Sun Engineering with Christina Manansala in 2000, West spent the next 9 years designing PV systems and perfecting and patenting his solar mounting inventions.

In 2004, West began assembling a team of PV industry veterans, visionary Silicon Valley product engineers, and angel investors - all focused on the goal of developing and commercializing a whole new approach to PV structure. At the core, this approach is based on a singular vision: solar panel frames rapidly interlocked with specialized couplings to form a solidly grounded, rigid structural grid. In 2009, West and Manansala, along with seasoned PV contractor, Daniel Flanigan, co-founded Zep Solar, Inc. to bring this revolutionary mounting system to market. After 5 years of intensive designing, building, and testing, the realization of this vision, Zep Solar, was launched in the US. 

In 2010, Zep Solar closed a series of funding rounds led by Aquillian Investments, LLC, and recruited Mike Miskovsky as President and later CEO. Since then, Zep Solar has continued to build a world-class team of employees who are committed to the success of the company. What's emerged from the company is not just an advancement of conventional mounting technology, but an entirely new technology platform and the industry's first installation system standard - the Zep Compatibleā„¢ platform. Today, Zep Solar licenses its technology to 12 top PV manufacturers, sells its products through leading US and global distributors, and has become the sole supplier to multiple major US installation companies. With widespread industry validation established, Zep Solar is moving forward to expand the reach of Zep Solar's revolutionary technology platform.