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Featured Zepster

They are our greatest assets and work together to make the world a better place by advancing solar energy. Since every team member has a great impact on Zep's success, we will be introducing employees from various departments and various parts of the world.

"I believe in the innovative technology that Zep has to offer the world; and I like the culture, the leaders, and the people working at this company. Everyone is serious about delivering, but they also know how to have fun. It is indeed fun to work at Zep!"

Name: Leah Duldulao

Title: Applications Engineer

First Joined Zep: November 2010

Leah is responsible for providing technical support to all customers and partners in the US, and if needed, the rest of the world. In conjunction, she’s in charge of creating processes and structures for Zep Solar’s technical support systems. Leah designs array layouts for residential and commercial projects, and is currently managing the development of the company’s online system design tool, The Zepulator.

“I own a bag full of wanderlust,” says Leah. Traveling to many places, both local and abroad, and seeing new sights through her camera lens, Leah’s fascinated by the array of cultures in this world. She loves learning new things – most recently, salt and freshwater fishing. And when the weather turns sour, you’ll find her working on art crafts in the corner of her apartment

"I enjoy working with the team of people that’s been put together here. It’s a fun group that cares a lot about the product that goes out the door."

Name: Jeremy Rogelstad

Title: Civil Engineer

First Joined Zep: January 2011

Jeremy is a licensed engineer who certifies structural designs and attachments at Zep Solar. He is currently licensed in 17 states and will soon be licensed in 25. Jeremy works with engineers around the world to provide attachment designs that are in compliance with local codes. He also works with Product Development to define load requirements for new products, and works with Zep’s Research and Development team to test all products.

Outside of Zep, Jeremy likes to spend time outdoors with his wife and two boys. He loves to camp and his favorite places to be are Tahoe and the beach. He also builds skis and snowboards for family and friends.

"Working for a startup in the solar industry has been the most exciting roller coaster ride of my life. I can't wait to see where it takes me next."

Name: Daniel East

Title: Training Manager

First Joined Zep: October 2009

Daniel spends the majority of his time developing curriculum and conducting trainings around the country for Zep Solar. You’ll typically find him up on the roof, teaching people how to use Zep Solar products, and talking about what makes Zep so revolutionary. Daniel also works with the development team to continually improve Zep’s product line. He offers technical sales support, and has helped open subsidiary offices overseas. “I get to do a little bit of everything”, Daniel says. He even holds the position of self-appointed social chair.

When he’s not tinkering with solar mounting hardware, Daniel is an adamant traveler and Ultimate Frisbee player. From full moon mountain climbing to polka dancing to hot pepper eating contests: as Daniel’s said himself, he’ll try just about anything once.

"With the Zep family, it's exactly that. Everyone is flexible and ultra-friendly. Well... maybe not like your typical family then."

Name: Mohamed Mohamed

Title: Product Manager

First Joined Zep: March 2011

Mohamed spends his day ensuring Zep manufactures parts exactly as they were designed and intended to be used. He works closely with internal and external teams to find ways to produce the highest quality product at the lowest price, and is always looking for solutions to benefit Zep customers. One of Mo's favorite things about the job is that every day is different - one day you'll find him at the company headquarters in California working on an in-house assembly tool, the next he's in China reviewing global packaging constraints.

Mo’s time outside of Zep is best spent soaking up new cultures and values in a method he’s coined “the true world experience”. When he’s not spontaneously traveling the globe, you’ll find him cultivating his entrepreneurial side, networking with some of the brightest young minds in the Bay Area, LA, and New York.

"I am obsessed with innovation, quality and efficiency. Being at Zep allows me to work with a company and product that delivers all three of these in spades."

Name: Martin Brown

Title: Manager, Applications Engineering AU

First Joined Zep: February 2012

Martin leads the way in the land down under, as Zep's first Australian employee. Positioned to guide the company into the Australian market, Martin's time is spent providing theoretical and hands on training and technical support to our distributors and integrators. A NABCEP certified PV installer, Martin brings with him years of training and management experience in the solar industry, and has logged countless hours on the roof in both Australia and North America.

When he’s not heading up the Australian headquarters in Sydney, you’ll find Marty exploring the great outdoors, green thumbing in his organic vegetable garden, and keeping current on the cutting edge in the world of renewable energy.

"Zep Solar was founded on an industry-changing idea of installing PV modules in a faster, more aesthetically pleasing way. This is paired with great personalities and leaders who all believe in making solar more accessible for everyone."

Name: Judith Sing

Title: Technical Sales Engineer

First Joined Zep: November 2010

Judith became the first member of Zep's European team as an intern in 2010, and has since grown into her current title as Technical Sales Engineer. For Judith, there's no typical day, which is precisely what she loves about her job; one day she's on the roof training installers, the next she's working closely with Zep's product development team to invent products geared towards the European marketplace.

Judith carries a deep passion for renewable energies; she believes that the ongoing technological advancements in this field are brilliant and will change our way of living. She’s thrilled to spend her days being a part of this change, and spends her time outside of work participating in a variety of sports and enjoying the culinary specialties Hamburg has to offer.

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