Zep Compatible

The platform delivers.


The Zep Compatible™ platform is the industry’s first PV installation standard and is being rapidly adopted by a growing number of manufacturers and their channel partners. At the core of this technology platform is the Zep Groove specification, which defines the characteristics of a unique groove found in the frames of Zep Compatible PV modules manufactured by leading PV module manufacturers. The specification also defines the characteristics of unique features found on Zep Compatible components manufactured by licensees such as module-level power electronics manufacturers. Lastly, it defines unique features found on Zep Solar’s mounting and grounding hardware. Together, these Zep Compatible products interoperate and create complete systems that optimize material usage, increase safety, look great, and greatly reduce the cost of labor. PV product manufacturers can license this technology and increase sales by offering Zep Compatible products to a growing number of high-volume channel partners. If you are a PV product manufacturing company and would like to learn more about the Zep Compatible licensing program, send an email inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Explore below to find datasheets for Zep Compatible products from our licensee partners.